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About Us

Guangzhoushi Taigufeng Dianzikeji Youxiangongsi,the owners of the trademark "TKOOFN", established in 2011, is a B2C e-commerce trading company engaged in cross-border exports. Since 2013, TKOOFN's products have been the best-selling and most popular products on the market, and have been deeply loved by customers.

Among them, the key product 3C category accessories ranked the top three in the Amazon and eBay website categories.

After twelve years of rapid development, at present, our product categories include 3C, household, outdoor sports, lighting, beauty salons, clothing, auto parts, toys, industry and tools, etc., forming a comprehensive product of tens of thousands of SKU system.

TKOOFN's business is all over the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, France, Australia and other developed countries in Europe, America and Australia.

Now, we create our own website in the best and most difficult year.

We wholeheartedly provide the best products, services and prices to customers around the world, hoping to get the support of our customers as always.

Looking forward to the future, TKOOFN will provide more high-quality and convenient products and services to global customers in an efficient and innovative spirit, let us work together hand in hand.